Rise Above the Rest! Join Ascendance!

 Be a part of one of the fastest-growing and most diverse corporations in EVE! Ascendance is a proud member of Goonswarm Federation and The Imperium, which fields the largest military force ever assembled in a video game.

 Ascendance (or ASCEE for short) has a multinational player base with active players in all time zones. We pride ourselves on being a professional, friendly culture and maintain those friendships outside of the game. Our leadership structure is here to make sure you can play EVE however you want to play it.

 Every Year members gather for real life meets all across the world.  We’re a community in and out of the game.

What We Offer

A life in ASCEE means you have access to a range of services, including but not limited to the following:


We have fleets of all sizes going out at all times. If you like to PVP, you'll never be bored waiting around for a fleet!


Our Home Systems offer some of the best Ratting and Exploration in EVE Online. Our space is home to the Blood Raiders, offering nice bounty payouts and drops.

Mining & Industrial

We have some of the best mining systems in EVE, As well as all the structures you will ever need for Industrial applications, including Super-Capital Production!

SIGS & Squads

Do you like flying Bombers or Titans? Are you looking to be a market manipulator? We have the social groups for you to excel at your goals.


We have the most well stocked market in Null Space, Everything you will need is on our market.

SRP Program

We have the best SRP programs in EVE Online. We offer Corp level SRP on TOP of Alliance SRP, Get paid to PVP!


Want to be an FC? New Player? We offer classes for New & Veteran Players in just about anything EVE Related! Our FC training ensures you will become one of the best FCs you can be.


GoonSwarm has one of the most extensive wikis and forums available with a wealth of knowledge for those seeking it. We use Jabber, Mumble, and Discord as other services.