Step 1.

Take Screenshots of Character Select screen for each account(showing all 3 slots). This will be needed during step 3. for how to take a screenshot if you’re unsure how to.

Step 2.

Visit and add/auth all characters to seat

Make sure to link each alt to main. 

Step 3.

Visit and fill out the Application

Take your time and fill it out correctly and honestly. Be sure to list all alts even unused or inactive ones. 

Step 4.

Join in-game channel Ascendance Recruitment and wait for a recruiter to contact you

You can ask to speak to a recruiter if one doesn’t contact you. Make sure when online to be in channel so they can review you. They will try to catch you for 72 hours if they haven’t after that, the application will be rejected. 

Most apps are reviewed in under 24 hours.