Recruitment Team will be the first ones you come into Contact with before Joining Ascendance. They are charged with vetting all New Recruits as well as helping them get situated and settled into Ascendance.

Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs handles all Complaints and Disputes. Also handles Compliance for each Corp Member ensuring all members stay compliant and removing all security threats through active monitoring.


Our Military Team is responsible for all Corporation Combat activities and training of New Fleet Commanders.


Mentors help guide new Members in both ASCEE and AR and assist them getting settled into EVE Online as well as GoonSwarm.

BuyBack Program

Our BuyBack Program is currently handled Via alt corp KickASCEE. It handles all Buyback from Members which funds our SRP program and other initiatives. Member Boggeloid is currently the main Lead for this Program.

Ship Replacement Program

SRP Team handles Payouts for all Corp Level SRP requests. This Program operates on top of Alliance SRP so you get paid twice for each loss. Funded via Buyback & Reactions.


Our Logistics Team handles all Fueling of Structures, Anchoring of New ones, Removal, and occasionally Courier Contracts.

Industrial Team

Industrial Team handles all Corp Manufacturing, Buyback, and Reactions. Currently Led by Boggeloid

Official Other Corps


Alt Corp run by Senior Leadership of Ascendance. Setup to add security for some programs like Buyback and SRP as well as Capital and SuperCapital Construction.

Ascendance Rising

AR is our High-Sec Corporation used for training and development for new Players before entering Null-Sec space. We also use it in times of War when Ascendance's Recruitment closes to hold over those wishing to join, As well as those not meeting our activity requirements.

AR has no requirements to join so not all are wanting to move to Ascendance itself, which is perfectly fine.