Frequently Asked Questions


Our Requirements are fairly light. Must submit all characters to our seat server via ESI and maintain them with active tokens. Must do 3 Strategic fleet per month. Finally must have 2 weeks activity for new characters as seen on ESI. 

CCP didn’t design the interface to be user friendly when they switched to ESI. So It’s easier to just request all scopes than try to sort out the ones needed. 

We do not use any of the “write” permissions and don’t have ability to do so. 

It does not grant us any permissions to change anything on your account or take anything from you. 

Our process is normally fairly quickly. As long as you’re in our recruitment channel when online a recruiter should process the app in less than 24 hours. Most of the time quicker, however, there are times when it can take up to 72 hours, more for transferring goons than the public. 

This is due to needing to have some sort of security against Spies and Awoxers, So we monitor all characters to keep you, our Corp, Alliance, and Coalition as safe as we possibly can. 

Your Recruiter will send you a link with the details on how to use the Jump Freighter Service provided by Alliance. The Welcome mail also includes this information. 

If your recruiter was bad and didn’t tell you, please ensure you have your stuff in Jita 4-4 before clicking to accept the invite. 

Yes! Stop being bad, fill out the app, do the pap or request a LOA to avoid having to do it again in future. 

Please see How to Apply in the menu at top. 

Selective Recruitment means we’re basically closed but will still accept members that meet the requirements we’re looking for. Usually this means strictly PVP players.

Current Imperium Members are exempt.

Ascendance Rising is our High-Sec corp. It’s open to anyone, however, we may send you there if you don’t meet the requirements to join us directly. You will still be able to chat with us and occasionally join in fleets with us, but will not be allowed into Imperium Space. 

Your stay will usually be fairly short 


We are very active in all timezones, however, AUTZ is our weakest but we’re still active in that timezone as well.

There are 2 current running Ship Replacement programs:

Alliance offers SRP of varying levels but usually covers entire ship loss. 

Ascee Also runs a concurrent SRP program that adds to the alliance SRP so you get paid twice and make a profit on a lot of ships but guaranteeing you lose very little on the rest. 

You can file for both SRP programs on losses. 

Yes, Ascendance recruits from the General Population. Some restrictions apply.

Absolutely NOT! We will never ask you for ISK or to contract your stuff over before you join or in order to join. If anyone asks for such things, they are trying to scam you.

Please contact Triab or Zedz Dead if an Ascee recruiter asks for these things. 

Alliance does offer Jump Freighter services but you put a collateral on it to protect it from theft or loss. Always ask for collateral unless you’re 100% sure you trust the person. 

Internal Affairs is a Department within Ascendance that does as the name suggests, Handle Internal Issues. 

This includes: Compliance, making sure you keep your esi tokens active. 

Handling Complaints

Searching for Spies and other nefarious characters. 

Their primary means of contacting you is through Forum PM on so it is imperative that you check it often and have a valid email set so PM notifications will get sent to email.