Major Sniper
Our Fearless leader
Tereza Kamitsu
Chief of Staff
Our Second in Command, Also resident Grump. IT Lead
HR Director
Handles Recruitment, Corp Mumble Moderators, Buyback, SRP, and High-Sec Corp
Zedz Dead
HR Sub-Director
Assists Triab, fills in when Triab not available. SRP
Heinrich 9000
Internal Affairs Director
Handles Complaints, Compliance, and keeper of Corp Tinfoil. SRP
Alice Doombringer
Internal Affairs Sub-Director
Assists Heinrich with Complaints, Compliance, and overall management of IA
Minister of Industrial Services
Manages all industrial activities for Ascendance. Including Manufacturing, Buyback, and Reactions as well as Adjusting and managing SRP prices
Dave Archer
Military Director
Leads Corp Combat Operations,. GSF Military Coordinator. GSF Fleet/Capital Commander. Joint In Charge of Alliance FC Org. SRP
Rhom Achensa
Military Sub-Director
Does most of Dave's jobs instead of just assisting. Structure Fueling, Background tasks. GSF GSOL Sub-d
Arsig Dadunur
Military Sub-Director
Assists Dave and fills in when Dave not available. Mainly Forward Facing Tasks. GSF Military Coordinator
Aryn Crendraven
Former HR Director currently on LOA due to flight school, Pray for him! (or us?) SRP
Former IA Director, Currently No duties in Corp but remains a full director(just don't tell him that).