ASCEE Onboarding Guide

So you’ve made the cut, and you’re ready to join one of the largest corporations in the most powerful alliance in all of EVE Online. That’s super! But first, let’s cover a few chores you need to handle BEFORE you accept your corporation invite.

Table of Contents

Before You Join.

Goonswarm Federation has been perpetually at war since.. well, since it was founded. Once you join you’ll be locked in wars forever too. HURRAY! Any assets you intend to sell or transfer to Delve need to be staged in a trade hub. Keep in mind that once you leave your current corporation, you may no longer have access to their structures. If you intend to use your main to move your assets, you’ll obviously want to do so before you’re at war with half of EVE Online. If you have a neutral high sec alt (highly recommended) you can use that character to “safely” move your assets at any time.

Once your assets have been safely moved, you need to decide how you’re going to get to Delve. The simplest way is to clone jump (we’ll cover that later). If you want to make your own way to Delve, you should use a travel fit interceptor, interdiction nullified / cloaky T3, or something with a covops cloak. If you intend to make your own way, be on the edge of high sec space before you accept your invite. Even insta-warp interceptors can be caught on crowded undocks. The route will be treacherous, so option 1 is preferred. Don’t worry about your stuff right now, our alliance has an excellent jump freighter service (new members get 1 free trip) and our Delve market is by far the greatest in all of Nullsec. 

Extra source for new members

DO NOT, under any circumstances, load up your freighter or Orca with all of your possessions and begin gating down to Delve.

You may laugh, but it’s happened. If you have high-value assets such as supercarriers, titans, jump freighters (sorry, your tech 1 fit Moros does not qualify), contact Dave Archer, Guy Games, Arsig, or Triab  in game to arrange move support. We’ve successfully extracted many HV assets from hostile territory, let us help you. Don’t try to do it on your own. Also, don’t leave your current corp before speaking to us if you have HV assets to move. 

Moving To Delve

Once you click the “Accept Corporation Invite” button, stop and relog. You’ll appear neutral to Goonswarm until you relog, and it will be a very short trip for you. If you chose the clone jump method of moving yourself to Delve, great job! Head to the nearest station with clone service, and open up your clone bay.

Click the “Change Station” button and give it a moment to populate. You’ll see every station that Ascendance has a corp office in, and has active clone service. You’ll want to choose either 1DQ1-A  – 1st Imperial Palace (this is our trade hub and main staging system), or 7-k Area. If you have a cooldown timer (1 year cooldown) you’ll have to make your own way to Delve using one of the methods mentioned in the “Before You Join” section above. You can bypass the cooldown by setting your current station as home, and you can remotely set your original school headquarters as your home station at any time. 

Once you have chosen a home station, you can click on the second button, “Self-Destruct”, and you’ll be auto-magically transported to Delve. 

Do NOT rat or mine in 1dq-A, it’s a staging system and thus camped by hostiles and with so many in local very hard to dscan, or see hostiles coming via local chat. 

After You Have Moved

Congratulations! You’re now part of Goonswarm and you’ve safely made it to our sacred motherland. Would you like to remain in Goonswarm? Great! You’ll need to take care of a few more tasks to accomplish that. The next few steps may seem tedious and painful, but rest assured you only have to do it once. The first thing you need to take care of: Forum Access. Not only are our wonderful forums a source of endless knowledge on PVP, exploration, ISK generation, and random nonsense, it’s also the gateway to other GSF services such as Mumble (voice comms) and Jabber (fleet pings). 


Open up your favorite browser and head on over to At the top right of your screen you’ll see “Create Account”. Give that button a click and follow the on screen steps.

You’ll occasionally get important forum mails from our Internal Affairs team. These mails generally pertain to some compliance issue that you need to resolve ASAP. If you fail to respond to IA in a timely matter, you will likely be kicked from Ascendance. While in most cases you’re welcome to return after a CCP mandated 7 day time-out, it’s inconvenient for everyone involved. It’s HIGHLY recommended that you register your forum account with an email address that you regularly check, and/or get notifications for. DO NOT use a throw away email account. If in the future you are unable to recover your account, you may be purged from Goons and unable to return. Creating multiple goonfleet accounts is a bannable offense.

Once you have set up forum access (it may take some time for the server to update), you need to authorize your characters on goonauth (the same way you did for SEAT). Head over to and click “Register A Character”. Repeat this process until all of your characters show green “OK”. 


Resetting EVE  account Passwords will revoke tokens, so all chars on that account must be re-auth’d each time you reset account password.

Next, you need to set passwords for all of your external services (Mumble, Jabber) by traveling via interwebs to Once you have set you passwords, follow these handy links to guide you through connecting for the first time:

One of us! One of us!

If you’ve made it this far in the guide, you now have access to every resource needed to be a good Goon. Below are a few helpful tips, guidelines and links. 

Goonfleet Wikipedia, a source of all the information you never knew you didn’t need:

Comprehensive guide to living in Delve:

To move your stuff to Delve VIA our Alliance jump freighter service, visit this link:

If you have an issue with another GSF member, DO NOT try to handle it yourself. Speak to any Ascendance Director, Sub Director, or Internal Affairs Officer. Taking matters into your own hands may result in you being kicked, regardless of who was initially at fault. 

If you have just returned to the game after a long break Read this thread for info on changes to the game:

Ascendance’s participation requirements are some of the lowest anywhere. Complete more than the minimum 1 Strategic fleet per month, and don’t wait until the last week of the month to complete it. 

If you have any questions about anything at all, ask in corp channel or in Discord. We’re happy to help. 

Good luck, and have fun!